5 Must-Have Marketing Tools

5 Must-Have Marketing Tools






5 Must-Have Marketing Tools

Marketing Strategy

Marketing campaigns have exponentially been increasing in budget. More companies are investing on their exposure to increase conversion. But if your business budget is limited and marketing team is way out of reach, below are some great marketing tools that will help step up your game. The following tools have helped businesses with their marketing goals:


This software helps you keep track of what people are saying about you. It keeps record of key phrases and brand names, like competitors, so you always stay in the loop with the hottest topics surrounding your brand.


Most businesses gain customers through word of mouth. Increase client interaction and gain customers with a tool that creates a referral program for you. ReferralSnip is a very easy and friendly tool that helps you set up a referral program within minutes. This isĀ  great way to increase the word of mouth percentage rate of customers and give back to your clientele.


Creating appealing, eye-catching marketing graphics may not be very easy for most of us. With Canvas, you can create a stunning marketing image in minutes, for free! There are beautiful templates that can be useful for social media marketing or presentations. And you can store the information created online without having to use up your PC space.


Forming lasting relationships is ideal in marketing. FullContact tool helps businesses gather the name, image, and social profiles of contacts that sign up on your site. This tool helps expand relationships to a different level.


Personally reach out to each person that visits your website with Autosend. People have different interests and having ONE personalized message is not recommended. Appeal to different people in different ways. Autosend makes it easy to send personalized messages to customers based on the way they interact with your website.






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