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Virtual Reality on the Web

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Virtual reality is a theory that humanity has fantasized about for generations. The ability to step inside a fully immersive virtual world has long been nothing more than a dream. Many science fiction movies have made attempts at guessing what virtual reality may look like in the future, and now we are finally starting to realize these visions. Here is how VR is set to drastically change our world and launch us further into the future. Details on the difference between Virtual and Augmented Reality, here. 

The recent emergence of VR headsets has been turning heads in the technology industry for a few years now. Virtual headsets are now available that allow you to fully immerse yourself in a virtual 3D environment. The groundbreaking technology uses a wraparound headset that occupies one hundred percent of the user’s vision. This creates the illusion of stepping inside of a virtual world.

In its current state, the options afforded to virtual reality technology are fairly limited. There are a few experimental videos and video games available, but they are mostly in an experimental phase at this point. VR companies plan to build on this in the future, however. 

Once the potential of VR has been fully realized, there is no boundary to the amount of imaginative worlds and environments developers may dream up. People could immerse themselves in any number of settings, such as wandering the land of the dinosaurs or having a front row seat to the Revolutionary War.

One place VR is already being implemented in the real world is the National Football League. A small number of teams have been experimenting with VR as a training aid, using it to help quarterbacks dissect different defenses. This just goes to show how real of an impact virtual reality is already starting to have on our society. 

One can easily see the massive appeal of this fascinating new device. It allows someone to step away from their every day, real life problems and step into a fantasy world of their choosing. It will be absolutely fascinating to see the other ways in which VR helps to shape the future of the world.